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Best Commercial Construction

Business environment should have the corporate feel and hence, the office area is a major factor to consider in commercial building construction or office renovation. At Turner Tenant Services (TTS), we have the experience and expertise to walk with you from the office building design conception stage all through to when you are doing the interior of your office area.

For your office building needs, we offer a range of services, which are specifically tailored to suit your specific needs. Cabinetry is essential for any office space and we design the best for you. Flooring is another area, which we put a lot of emphasis on. We provide information on the various types of floors and recommend the best to suit your type of business. Doors, Windows and all the hardware related to them are also very important to an office. We match them with the type of floor and cabinets in place.

Ceiling installation and renovation is another service that we offer to our clients. There are different types of ceilings, and we take it upon ourselves to fit the best for you. After it all, we strongly believe that your office space should have finishes that are ideal. We ensure this by providing custom site finishing, regardless of your office layout. We also do re-painting and re-carpeting as part of our office renovation service, which leaves a used office building looking new.

At Turner Tenant Services, we offer these services on commercial properties, whether new or old. If your company has moved, office renovation by TTS is what you need to bring your imagination into reality. We are always ready to discuss your situation and advise on the best commercial construction options for you. Get in touch through phone (703 844 4094) or email and allow us the opportunity to serve you, by offering you our experienced service to satisfy your desire.