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Design Build Construction

Design Build Construction is a project model whereby a business or property owner contracts both the design and construction of a commercial space from the same company. The client has a single point of contact, and one entity bears ultimate responsibility and contractual liability from the design phase all the way to completion.

From cost estimation, assessment, architecture, engineering, schematics, materials sourcing, subcontracting of construction and post-construction, the buck stops with your design-builder.

The advantages of this model are obvious. Instead of having to coordinate a logistical nightmare of subcontractors and creatives, all butting heads and looking to you for leadership, you get to leverage the experience and infrastructure of experts on both sides of the build process, all operating within a unified chain of command and under one roof. Money can’t buy the peace of mind of a one-and-done solution for your commercial design-build.

Careful coordination of tasks means that your project will proceed smoothly to the fastest possible delivery. Choosing design build construction over general contracting or construction management prevents a “too-many-cooks-in-the-kitchen” fiasco of separate entities with unaligned goals working at cross-purposes. The project is the only master, and an effective design-build partnership serves the project above all other priorities.

Having your construction team fully engaged from the design phase also reduces the risk of bringing to the table an unbuildable design. Integrating controlled and constructive builder feedback early on means you won’t have to go back to the drawing board for a costly, time-consuming re-imagining of the whole project. A design-build approach to your commercial interior project helps ensure that your project gets off on the right foot, delivering the right design the first time.

The risk, of course, is that if your design-builder is not reputable or competent, the whole project could be scuttled by delays, mismanagement, and cost overruns. Mitigate this risk by selecting a design build contractor with impeccable credentials and a long history of successful project completion.

In this regard, Turner Tenant Services’ record speaks for itself, as well as our history of client retention. We get a lot of repeat customers because our service and integrity are unsurpassed. Call us to get started.