Virginia Class A Contractor

Our Experienced Team Operates, Repairs And Maintains Commercial Office Spaces.


We, at Turner Tenant Services, have been providing Facility Maintenance services to our clients for over 7 years. Our experienced team operates, repairs and maintains commercial office spaces. Whether it is a small space or an area covering 40,000 square feet or more, our commitment is to offer top notch services to help your business operate smoothly

The best part about hiring TTS for Facility Maintenance is that all of our employees are multi-skilled and experienced. They have expertise in areas of electrical, building, plumbing and structural systems. When you hire us for your office building, our experts will take care of all preventative maintenance.

Facility Maintenance Planning & Scheduling

We also specialize in planning and scheduling routine maintenance and repairs so that you are focused on achieving your business goals.

We understand that on a daily basis, businesses tend to spend more time on Facility Maintenance while losing focus of the targets they want to achieve.

At Turner Tenant Services, we take care of all the general repairs to your building while you prioritize the mission of your company. In some cases, we also allocate a dedicated manager to supervise your office building. The responsibility of the manager will be to closely work with your building manager to take care of the maintenance work needed.

Our goal is to help and allow you to work at maximum efficiency without having to worry about maintaining your office space.