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Interior Contractor

Turner Tenant Services is a full-service interior contractor. We can coordinate with your interior designer if you have one, or we can form a design partnership from day one. Augmenting your ideas with our experience and aesthetic expertise, we can take your dream workplace from the drawing board to the real world.

Skilled and experienced with large interior contracts, we make project management easy for our clients. From coordinating with vendors to make sure supplies arrive on time, to shipment tracking and installation scheduling, leave it all to us.

Budgeting is a sensitive subject for our clients. We take that responsibility seriously and refuse to be glib or cut corners. If we have a set budget to work with, lay it out for us. Our job will be to maximize that budget, prioritizing the components with the highest impact on the beauty and function of your finished interior.

If the budget is to be determined, our role is to provide clear, user-friendly proposals, with goods, services, and materials itemized by cost so you know where your money is going. Our vast industry experience allows us to estimate accurately. We purchase materials from the best vendors based on longstanding relationships, allowing us to deliver quality at savings that we gladly pass on to you. Integrity matters when it comes to protecting your investment in your commercial interior.

We craft a schedule at the time of order, responding to your evolving needs with updates and revisions all the way to installation day. Open and effective communication is essential to a smooth transition into your new environment, and Turner Tenant Services leads the industry in client response. Your time is valuable to us, so we work the schedule to provide the maximum “Wow!” factor with minimal effort or disturbance to your operations.

Turner Tenant Services takes a pro-active approach to problem-solving, moving the project through the necessary steps to realize unique and striking designs in even the most challenging spaces.

Call us today to learn more about why Turner Tenant Services is the interior contractor you can count on.

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