Virginia Class A Contractor

Sensitive Compartmentalized
Information Facilities Construction

ICD 705, DCID 6/9 and JAFAN Experts

From private sector companies to intelligence and military agencies, we have served various industries. TTS has the ability to optimize your workforce by carefully reviewing SCIF requirements to come up with an efficient plan with respect to the SCIF Facility and SCIF Room.

Whether you need a new SCIF or have upgrades to an existing project, our team of experts can help you from design to construction. Apart from ICD 705, our team has the required expertise and knowledge to meet other transition requirements such as the DCID 6/9 and JAFAN.


In a short span of time, Turner Tenant Services has become one of the leaders specializing in SCIF (Sensitive Compartmentalized Information Facilities) Construction. Our resources and market experience helps us meet ICD 705 requirements. Over the years, we have completed several SCIF construction projects for intelligence agencies and a number of private sector firms meeting all SCIF requirements.

Our team includes industry experts such as project managers, construction leaders and SCIF designers with several years of SCIF room construction experience under their belt. Therefore, we guarantee that all SCIF design and construction projects are carried out in accordance with the rules and regulations set by the US government.

We believe that the need for SCIF technology and construction among the private sector and intelligence agencies is more than ever. Protecting your company against international spying and eavesdropping, our cost-effective and high-quality SCIF technology will help you achieve state of the art security at your workplace. Turner Tenant Services is committed to providing premium services to all our clients.