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Turner Tenant Services – ICD 705/C SCIF

Turner Tenant Services brings industry-leading expertise to the sensitive task of outfitting Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) to ICD 705/C standards. Our record of successful delivery sets the highest standard in this specialized interior construction space. Call us today to hear more about our extensive qualifications and why you can rely on Turner Tenant Services to helm your SCIF interior construction project.

Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705/C sets out the minimum requirements for a facility to be accredited as a SCIF.

When bidding out the construction of a SCIF interior, make sure the contractor you choose has extensive expertise and a strong track record of compliance with ICD 705/C. Failure can lead to denied accreditation and a costly retrofit before your facility is cleared by the Department of Defense to house classified material. Turner Tenant Services will not let that happen. Call today to find out how.

ICD 705/C stipulates many specialized building requirements, above and beyond normal standards. These requirements include:

  • Perimeter surfaces, including interior surfaces and ceilings, must readily show evidence of having been tampered with or accessed without authorization.
  • Acoustical protection must adequately protect the facility from eavesdropping.
  • Dedicated, self-contained electrical, telephone, security, emergency, and data systems must be present within the SCIF. No ingress of external utilities is permitted.
  • Shielding and grounding of exterior-penetrating metallic materials must be sufficient to guard against electronic eavesdropping or electromagnetic interference.
  • Bars must be installed on ductwork large enough to accommodate a human intruder. All exterior-leading ductwork must also be shielded to prevent secure audio and other emanations from escaping the SCIF.
  • Perimeter doors must have separate day-to-day and high-security access protocols. Perimeter doors must also meet the same Sound Transmission Class rating (STC) as the exterior walls.
  • Security systems must meet UL 2050 standards.

This is just a partial list of ICD 705/C requirements. The most important step to bringing in your SCIF interior construction project on time and on budget is to trust Turner Tenant Services with this compliance. Call today to make an appointment and discuss next steps.