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Turner Tenant Services – Sensitive Compartment Information Facility

The Information Age has ushered in an ever-changing landscape of global security threats. Classified information must be protected from data hacking and electronic interception, in addition to conventional threats of unauthorized ingress and eavesdropping.

The U.S. government responds to these threats by setting standards for the storage and processing of sensitive materials. Data classified by the Director of Central Intelligence as Sensitive Compartment Information (SCI) can only legally be discussed, stored, or processed in a Sensitive Compartment Information Facility (SCIF).

A SCIF is distinguished by its protective measures against intrusion and infiltration. Only individuals with approved security clearance may access a SCIF.

Such protective measures include hardened structural elements; visual protections; acoustic shielding; access control; and TEMPEST or other electronic security measures. Four walls and a door is not nearly enough, and lack of a properly-designed SCIF may hold your business back from performing its intended function. Call Turner Tenant Services and schedule an appointment with experienced professionals to discuss the specific needs of your business and its SCIF.

SCIF accreditation is necessary for private-sector companies to be awarded a wide range of contracts from government or government-related departments. Such contracts often involve top-secret clearance for the handling of extremely sensitive information. By law, such information can only be discussed, stored, or processed electronically in a SCIF. Without access to a SCIF, you may not be authorized to perform many services you are qualified to render.

A facility’s suitability as a SCIF depends on the functions to be performed there. Different sizes, technologies, and security measures may be deployed to comply with ICD 705, JAFAN, ICD 503 computing rules, TEMPEST standards for telecommunication emanations, and other applicable regulations.

Turner Tenant Services is uniquely qualified to plan and execute the interior construction of a SCIF on any size and function. Call us today to discuss your SCIF needs. Our expert team will take your vision and guide you through the steps needed to deliver the SCIF interior that perfectly matches that vision.